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Goodmorning people stay motivated by moven ngwenya

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Gospel with moven ngwenya enjoy your day

Relate: One of the most shocking things I’ve ever seen happened about a year ago today. It was one of those beautiful days that come just as spring begins turning into summer. I didn’t have to be at work until later in the day and my plan had been to lounge around the house reading, but it was just too nice to stay inside. There were plenty of benches and picnic tables at the local park just blocks away and I decided to avail myself to one of those as I grabbed a book and headed out.

At the far end of the park there was a class of kids playing but on my end there only one older couple was walking around. This older couple was probably in their mid seventies or so which made what I saw so beautifully surprising. Most…

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New post SA suspends deportations

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May 15, 2015

SOUTH AFRICA has temporarily suspended deportations following a legal challenge by a human rights group which argued that it was insensitive for authorities to target foreigners, including Zimbabweans, following xenophobic attacks that resulted in the murder of seven people.Over 800 undocumented migrants have been arrested across South Africa in the past three weeks under a blitz called “Operation Fiela-Reclaim”, launched after last month’s xenophobic attacks mainly in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng provinces.

Zimbabwe’s Consul-General Mr Batiraishe Mukonoweshuro yesterday confirmed the suspension of deportations through a High Court order.

“The court order came after foreigners, including 170 Zimbabweans, were raided at Methodist Central Church in Johannesburg on May 8. Human rights activists, however, queried the deportation of the foreign nationals arguing that most of them were not given the opportunity to sort out their documentation, while some of them had valid asylum documents,” said Mr Mukonoweshuro.

He said the…

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6 Things Christians Should Stop Saying

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We all have that one friend that consistently says cheesy Christians clichés. I think most of us would agree that this is typically, well, very annoying. This is intensified when the sayings aren’t biblical. The motive behind saying them are usually noble, but they often simply aren’t true or helpful.

So, what are some of them?

Stop Saying

Below are six things that Christians should stop saying:

1) Let Go and let God.  This phrase is typically used when in a trial. In a sense, I adore the “letting go” part if that means resting in God’s sovereignty, but when facing trials and tribulations, there are simply a lot of things that we can actually do. We can pray, study Scripture, confess sin, repent of sin, seek help from wise counsel, weep, mediate on Scripture, serve others, etc. “Letting go” has too much of a passive feel to it; it denotes that we…

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Gospel with Moven Ngwenya,and Danny Hadebe

Matthew 26 :6-13,john 12:3

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Is there someone who comes to your mind ,a friend or family member ,who would be honored and encouraged by an expression of your love and appreciation?then do something to show it–while the person is still alive
give praise to others while they are here ,they wont need it in the hereafter.

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